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This is a collection of helpful links for those of us who manage online forums. Some of them were mentioned in the book and some were not.

Sometimes, people ask me if forums are dead. You can always find an up-to-date answer on this (tongue-in-cheek) website.

Bill Johnston
There is no one I hold in higher regard than Bill. He’s a true veteran of the space and always worth listening to.

Caty Kobe
I enjoy reading Caty’s thoughts on community because she approaches the profession from a place of compassion.

An excellent resource for the community profession.

Community Guy
Jake McKee, an online community veteran that I respect, has shared a lot of great lessons over the years.

Community Spark
Martin Reed has been managing online communities for a long time. He shares his experience here.

In the course of your responsibilities, sometimes you need to look up who owns an IP address or a domain name. DomainTools is a great resource to use.

Everything in Moderation
Early blogger Tom Coates shared some great moderation related insight at this blog and, even though it hasn’t been updated in 10 years, the lessons still ring true today.
This is my blog, where I regularly write about online community management.

Monetizing Online Forums
In 2012, I released a free ebook, aimed at helping people to generate revenue from their forums in the right way. It takes the Making Money section of Managing Online Forums and expands on it in a dramatic way.

My Community Manager
A great online resource for community managers.

Plagiarism Today
Copyright and plagiarism are two subjects that community managers should be familiar with. Authored by Jonathan Bailey, this site is a tremendously valuable source of information.

Sue On The Web
Sue is a deeply experienced online community manager and, when she blogs, she shares great insight.