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"An impressively insightful, comprehensive,
and cogent blueprint for building a loyal
and responsive community online."

- Ryan Leslie
Founder, Disruptive Multimedia
Recording Artist and Producer

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Strunk and White

for online forums."

- Rebecca Newton
Chief Community and Safety Officer, Mind Candy

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"Aspiring community builders and managers should read this book, and seasoned pros should have
a copy on their community bookshelf."

plain and simple."

"I thought I’d been doing community work long enough that
I wouldn’t find much new in this book. I was flat wrong."

"O’Keefe has something to say and he says it,


Developing Your Community

If you make the right choices and set the right expectations for your community at the very start, you will increase your chances of success.

Moderation and Guidelines

From writing guidelines to contacting your members about inappropriate content, you can build a process of moderation that works for your forums.

Growing Your Community

A community is nothing without great members. Attract the right people and create value for them, so they’ll come back again and again.

Managing Moderators

Your moderators can play a vital role in the health of your community, while becoming your most trusted allies.

Challenges and Bad Users

As your community grows, you’ll face many challenges, including people who want to hurt your forums.

Real World Experience

Written by a veteran community manager, this book draws on real experiences gained from managing actual communities.

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