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“O’Keefe provides an impressively insightful, comprehensive, and cogent blueprint for building a loyal and responsive community online.”

Ryan Leslie, Founder, NextSelection Lifestyle Group, recording artist, producer, and online video pioneer

“Patrick is one of the true leaders in online community building, and his knowledge isn’t just theoretical, it is based on ‘in the trenches’ experience–and those experiences will prove invaluable as you look to leverage community in your endeavors.”

Jeremy Wright, CEO, b5media, and author, Blog Marketing

“Online forums make up the very foundation of the social web. Unfortunately, there are few resources for the growing number of people who work behind the scenes to make them successful. In this comprehensive book, Patrick O’Keefe brings his real-world experiences to bear in the form of strategies, tactics, and ideas that fill a knowledge gap that has begged to be filled for too long.”

Lee LeFever, Principal, Common Craft

“Patrick O’Keefe has been building online communities for nearly ten years. He’s got more expertise and experience than anyone else when it comes to leveraging the power of community. Read this book and you’ll save time and frustration. Best of all, you’ll get results.”

Zack Urlocker, Executive Vice President, MySQL

“This book is great advice for anyone managing an online community or thinking of creating one. “Managing Online Forums” is full of practical, specific advice from someone who has obviously had more than just a few tours of duty in the online trenches. O’Keefe covers all aspects of the job, providing many words of warning and wisdom along the way. This book should be required reading for all online community managers.”

April “CuppaJo” Burba, Community Manager, NCsoft

“This is a fabulous read that I’m sure everyone will be posting and blogging about. The comprehensive templates for your user agreement, member contacts, and policies alone make it worth the price of the book. “Managing Online Forums” should be a reference manual for every administrator in the world of virtual communities.”

Cynthia Mosher, Webmaster and Administrator, Mothering Magazine and MotheringDotCommune Forums

“This was a brilliant read and I highly recommend “Managing Online Forums” for both new as well as veteran forum administrators. Patrick has distilled the essence of what it takes to run a vital community without getting mired in the technology or overly psychological. I have been successfully running the world’s largest community for Scuba Diving for years and I still learned a lot! You can bet that I will be rereading this as well as having my entire staff read it. It deals with real-world scenarios, and it’s obvious Patrick writes from his experiences as well as his heart.”

Pete Murray, owner, and InterMedia Publications, Inc.

“More than a guide to growing your forum, this book is a true experience on how to build a real, lasting online community. Insightful, educational, and well-presented, Patrick doesn’t hold anything back. I highly recommend this book for all those serious about starting and maintaining an online community.”

David Askaripour, Founder, Mind Petals Organization

“You can never know enough about managing a forum, from how to handle your staff, to ensuring the users are happy, to making money! Yes, the last chapter is about making money, but you can’t do that without doing everything else first! This book is most definitely for everyone–seasoned or new–you will learn an awful lot. It is written in an easy, concise way that allows you to read from front to back or dip in and out for something specific. This is a great book that I will continue to dip into.”

Sarah Large, Administrator, SitePoint Forums

“I found the book “Managing Online Forums” insightful, easy to read, and knowledgeable about forum sites. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Internet forum sites or running them. It’s useful information and a great marketing tool for any product; a must read!”

Debbie Hammond, CEO, ClockWork Entertainment

“Patrick O’Keefe has run one of the most prominent Yankees fan sites online, and he knows of what he writes. “Managing Online Forums”–like his–is full of insight and information, well-written, and very deserving of a wide readership.”

Matthew McGough, writer/legal consultant, Law & Order, and author, Bat Boy: Coming of Age with the New York Yankees

“I’ve run online communities for many years, and “Managing Online Forums” opened my eyes to many things I could do better. It’s required reading for novices and experienced administrators alike.”

Jared W. Smith, coauthor, Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress

“Most people learn community management the hard way–by firsthand experience. With this book, you can learn how to take care of many situations before they arise. I wish I had had it when starting out years ago.”

Jeremy Rogers, coauthor, Building Online Communities with phpBB 2

“”Managing Online Forums” is the best guide of its kind. The hands-on approach serves both the novice and the veteran administrator alike. It is an easy book to read, regardless of one’s technical literacy, and deserves a spot on the bookshelf of any current or future community admin.”

Jonathan Bailey, Webmaster and author, Plagiarism Today

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